Oh, the Daily Cunt’s at it again…

Oh, get a life... 

Before we start, every single piece written by the Daily Mail is, by default, cunty. We just chose this particular one by closing our eyes, spinning on our chair (Arum, very expensive), and pointing. It’s democracy in action.

So, the reasons why this particular story is cunty, include…:

A) It’s by the Daily Mail. Natch.

Two) What, are our politicians now graded on looks, not on ability?

3) How. Retarded.

Four) What year is this?

Another one) Was your dirty heroine, Margaret Thatcher, a hot tamale?

VI) Sarah Palin was voted 24th sexiest politician in this poll. So doesn’t matter that she’s a vile, ignorant cunt, just so long as she looks passable in knee-high hooker boot.

g) What year is this?

Ooh, and another thing) See how they reported David Beckham actually doing a nice thing…

Daily Mail = Bad Business

… Er, we don’t actually recall David Beckham ever calling himself a ‘hero’. Really, what it must be like to be in the head of a wretched Daily Mail trout…

In conclusion) *holds mirror up to Daily Mail hack; reels in horror*

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4 comments to “Oh, the Daily Cunt’s at it again…”

  1. *claps like a special*

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  2. They should ban the Daily Mail. It exists purely to make people feel bad. Jeesh, it’s like the Interregnum.

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  3. GASP! The Daily Mail in female-hating shock.

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  4. It’s female bashing cuntyness of the highest order… Then they’ll have the cheek to berate Chris Brown for knocking Rihanna about. Erm… Pen. Mightier. Sword? Hee-hee, pork sword.

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