Ten years for being a retard.

Artist's impression of Captain Chafik Gharby

You know us. We won’t have religion the house. If it steps foot on our brick-pavio driveway we’ll set the cats on it. If it besmirches our nice Burberry mac on the bus into work, we’ll get the Ariel Excel Gel on it – which gets the filth off even at 15°.

So it is with sage (& onion stuffing) nods that we greet the news that some god-bothering fool who, instead of trying to fly the plane that he was piloting – which was plummeting to the ground with not the best intentions – decided to pray. The plane crashed. Sixteen people died. Praying obviously works. (Sidebar: What sort of self-aggrandising, egotistical God/Allah/Easter Bunny only does nice things to those who pray? Hmmmn?)

And Captain Chafik Gharby’s punishment for being what is known in the business of sanity as an idiot? Ten years in jail.

Maybe he should pray for early release.


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3 comments to “Ten years for being a retard.”

  1. Oh, hear hear.
    And God totally agrees. Told me to stop praying and enjoy life.

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  2. So does this mean religers will be vetted out of he pilot-making process? T’would be nice.

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  3. Shall we vet them out of daily life altogether and make them stay home wearing sackcloth and ashes making toys for Third World children? Out of soap?

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