Tonight’s entertainment.

ride 'em, cowgirl

Wednesday night. What to do. The person to our left and the person to our right are trotting off to the glittering gala opening of the London Gay Film Festival thing – the person in the middle has instead a hot date with this washing machine. As they say in the business of not getting an invite, it’s all swings, roundabouts and getting cheap thrills from one’s white goods.

Quite what skill was involved in achieving the above – sticky back plastic and Black Beauty’s cast-offs – is not up for discussion; what is, however, is the setting required to achieve full ‘sm (orgasm, without the orga. Keep up), and whether we use bio or non-bio. We think the latter. Kind to trees.

Oh, and the place we found this is actually rather a fun place, with gift ideas for all the family.

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  1. Now you too can white-wee on yur white goods

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