Transsexual Hookers Aloud

By the hour.


So, we were trying to think of a more e-snappy title (say it with a Spanish accent. Oh, go on…) but just got hooked on the transsexual angle. Mostly because Girls Aloud have done a photoshoot in which they look like transsexual hookers.

Now we all know the look for young girls these days is hooker – and we’re not talking those sophisticated types you get down Shepherd’s Market in London’s glittering Mayfair, no, no, no (NB. Get it? Get it? Get it now?) – we’re talking the reach out and touch, get syphilis types that inspire beautiful pieces of television like Band of Gold. Only today’s girls like to round it all off with an Ugg boot and delusions of attractiveness courtesy of Gok Wan.

Anyway, back to the transsexuals in hand… this mindless shoot is for Girls Aloud’s next singlette, ‘Untouchable’. Erm, if we’re paying that much, we sure as hell wanna touch *pats hair, Mae West-stylee, etc.*

And for those straight men amongst us, these are your close-ups…

A novel place to keep your balls... To be seen next down The Hoist... Put some clothes on, hussey! Don't look at me, I'm shy... The X Factor. We'll be the judge of that.

Via these people. Ta.

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3 comments to “Transsexual Hookers Aloud”

  1. Oh dear. I feel dirty just looking.
    (And oh how I LOVE to feel dirty…)

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  2. They don’t look anywhere near as convincing as Mimi Marks et al from Trantasia.

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  3. Trolls

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