Nice idea, but…

Like pubes on soapThe cogs in Jean Paul Gaultier’s little French brain have been twisting and turning and coming up with fabulous things since the year Dot Cotton, and when we saw his latest invention – Le Male Secret Weapon – we got more than a semi, but then we thought about it – and let’s face it, thinking does nothing for a semi – we came up with a coupla problems.

The idea is thus: take your best selling fragrance and encase it as a resin in a dog tag, losing the need to heft round bottles of smelly – really, with our hip flask, wallet and Oyster card there’s no room left. Good thinking, but what happens when your chest hair gets lodged in the dog tags a la pubes on soap? Not a great look. And also, dog tags? Nobody’s worked that look since Top Gun.

However, we’d be more than happy to try and test this if any kindly PRs are listening/reading/fuming. Otherwise it’s £29.50 and that £29.50 too much in our bookywook. Toodlepip.

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