Since when did EastEnders look to Björk for inspiration?

Ooh, nice pearl necklace *wink*There we were settling down of a mid-week eve, Haribo to our left, Jacob’s Creek to our right, Siamese cats on our lap, and slippered feet atop a poof *hee* awaiting the start of the new series of The Apprentice to begin *squeal* when the most disturbing slash cheenius advert for EastEnders appeared upon our telly box.

Said ad features one Peggy Mitchell and her controlling husband-to-be Archie (Daily Mail reader if ever there was one) in an avant garde, Björk-esque, Stepford Wives set up. There’s plinky-plonk music, atmospheric lighting, robots and everything. We love it when family fun goes all artsy on us. Remember the Neighbours episode filmed entirely from Bouncer the dog’s point of view? Mental but marvellous. Watch the ‘we’re mad we are’ Stenders trailer after the camel.

(camel’s hump = jump) *does cockney arms while simultaneously eating jellied eels and singing about having a banana down the Strand*

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2 comments to “Since when did EastEnders look to Björk for inspiration?”

  1. Nobody covers up Peggy’s puppies and gets away with it

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  2. Can you imagine if Corrie tried something similar. Barm cakes eaten cold are about as avant garde as northerners get, surely.

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