Those pyjama bottoms are ridiculous! Take them off immediately!

Move over!

Look at this top Milan footballer relaxing at home. Maybe he’s just knocked a quick one out thinking about the other lads in the showers. Maybe he’s just about to rummage in his bedside cabinet for his Big Fun sex toy. Maybe he’s just watching Bi-Curious Bumboys on high definition DVD. Or maybe he’s in a shop window.

Yep, that last one is closest to the truth (mind you, who’s to say what was going on under them there covers). It is one Andrea Vasa (apparently that’s a man’s name in certain parts of Italy), he is a defender (ie stands near the back chatting to the goalie) for Milan’s football team Brera and he is part of a… let’s call it installation in Dirk Bikkembergs’ flagship store.

Casual shoppers can watch Mr. Vasa going about his business but cannot watch him doing his business or taking a shower. For which we say ‘boo’. Well, the shower bit anyways. Now let’s watch an instructional video featuring Bikkembergs footballers in pants. Click here.

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  1. I’ve seen his shower. S’tru. Empty at the time though. Booo

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