Oh look! A bearded lady in a magoizine

Getting moistThis is Keanu Reeves as seen/flicked-off to in the latest issue of Vogue Hommes International as photographed/flicked-off by Amanda de Cadenet. We know!

We met Keanu (pronounced Nice-but-Dim) once. He had a trampy, wee-ey quality to him, but we still would. If we had nothing else on.

Enjoy more pictorials after the you-know-what.

Off! Off! Off! Pillow fight! *squeal* Sleepy byes...

We found this here. Thankingyoukindly.

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2 comments to “Oh look! A bearded lady in a magoizine”

  1. There is something of a tramp about him, but a tramp that I would… what do they say nowadays? Oh yes… tap.

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  2. I thought the phrase, if you were of the ‘down wit’ da yout’ variety was ‘hit’. As in ‘He phine, I’d hit that, yo’. You may wish to throw a muthafucka in there somewhere too.

    Or something?

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