And in today’s TopShop news…

250 smackers? Nup.At the risk of looking like we’re sponsored by TopShop (we’re open to whoring ourselves if any of the team are reading by the way) we’ve just come across lidl miss Kate Moss’s S/S 09 collection. And when we say Kate Moss we of course mean ‘Kate Moss’.

‘pparently it was all inspired by vintage and thrift store finds. And when we say thrift store we of course mean charity shop. Generally, tis très pretty but vee expensive, with that funny little number up there coming in at 250 earth pounds. £250? TopShop? ‘Kate’? ‘Moss’? Funny tingle? We think not.

More after the… ooh *finds and eats croissant crumbs*… jump.

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2 comments to “And in today’s TopShop news…”

  1. How hot does Miss Moss look? Although I agree it’s pricey. Might pay that for a proper designer but not a model masquerading as one.

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  2. That top pic is very Billie Ray Martin …

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