Mark Ronson is ‘Britain’s Best Dressed Man’. We’ll be the judge of that.

Mark Ronson. Snappy dresser.

Lists. They’re a modern marvel. On one side numbers with words attached, on the other a cost-effective PR opportunity. And on the other (marvels have three sides these days. It’s a marvelous thing) a carrot with which to lure a famous. We know. We’ve done it ourselves, only our marvels have a fourth side. The purpose of which shall remain under wraps.


So today’s list is courtesy of GQ magazine, which is not only one of the few remaining men’s magazines we’d actually read, but we would actually go so far as to not hide it inside our issue of Chit Chat whilst homeward bound on the No. 19. Or the 134 if we’ve pulled.

And today’s GQ list is its annual ‘Britain’s Best Dressed Man’ run-down, starting with one and ending with 20. Twenty whole mens. It’s a heady mix of the usual, the expected, and the ones we just knew were coming. And Lucian Freud, the world’s best paid living artist and never knowlingly not in The Wolseley. (Word up: The Wolseley is a TOTAL gay pick up joint of a Sunday, from around 2.30pm… If they’re not careful people will start confusing it with The Ruperts and/or The Abbey and/or Chariot’s Roman Spa.)

And stop the presses then start them immediately, Mark Ronson comes in at number one. Whatever for? quoth you, considering he looks like he never changed out of his Bar Mitzvah outfit, but then it’s all about the enforced religious ritual look this season. Oh but then… *looks left, then right, then left again* we reckon Mark’s inspiration is this little fella. Shadow of a doubt? Without.

And much like Esquire before them, we’re glad GQ gave Sir Dame Prince Charles a nod, popping up as he does in fifth place.  

And in conclusion, would you like to see the whole list? Course you would… (and handily, last year’s positions are in brackets. Where would we be without brackets?)

1. Mark Ronson (30)

2. Guy Ritchie (new entry)

3. Tom Ford (5)

4. Daniel Craig (1)

5. The Prince of Wales (25)

6. Lucian Freud (new entry)

7. David Furnish (10)

8. David Cameron (8)

9. Daniel Day-Lewis (9)

10. David Beckham (6)

11. Bobby Gillespie (new entry)

12. Christopher Bailey (22)

13. Alex Turner (new entry)

14. Christian Bale (new entry)

15. David Walliams (11)

16. Sir Elton John (17)

17. Lewis Hamilton (15)

18. Jamie Redknapp (new entry)

19. Jarvis Cocker (16)

20. Giles Deacon (19)

ps. GQ on the interdolly.

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4 comments to “Mark Ronson is ‘Britain’s Best Dressed Man’. We’ll be the judge of that.”

  1. It’s just a list of men who wear suits.

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  2. That kid if far better dressed than Ronson

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  3. oh but i HEART mark ronson. he’s like a naughty jewish schoolboy. i definitely would. unfortunately he doesn’t know i exist. unless he’s reading this. *waves at MR*

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  4. Very nice site!

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