Calm down dear, it’s only a frock…

Oooh, shoppings.

Who wants to hear a shouty woman who inexplicably is June Sarpong (Wha? Ha? Ma?), well, shouting like a crazy by-stander in men’s shoes at the opening of TopShop in London’s glittering New York? You do?

It’s all very exciting.

It’s like the second coming. Which is particularly magical seeing as the first one never happened.

So in this video you get to see Kate Moss standing next to a very little rich man (small man syndrome, much?), some girls from Brooklyn who go to a Jewish School (we’re liking the detail the Americans profer), a girl who went to the store in London and spent four days there (‘My stupid sister went to London and all she got was tat from TopShop!’), Jamie, who’s in love with Pete Doherty and ergo just wants to breathe the same air as Kate Moss (*walks away, ver-y slow-ly, so as not to alarm anyone*), and a woman who likes beads.

But the lady we’re most interested in is Terence Edgerson.

Now Terence Edgerson, we’re assuming but couldn’t tell you for sure, is not one for the ladies. Not the female kind, any(The)Who… And despite living in New York, he’s ‘never seen anything like this before.’ He’s never seen a big shop full of clothes. Clothes, in a shop. A big one. In New York.

As such, Terence just wants to buy EVERYTHING he sees.

We love Terence.

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5 comments to “Calm down dear, it’s only a frock…”

  1. Hahahahahaha. Oh, Terence.

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  2. In love with Pete D? Oh God, find someone with an English accent and get OVER it.

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  3. the way its written seems like your making fun of him as the fact that he’s gay. the joke doesnt go over very well

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  4. Oh, don’t by silly, Josh. Doesn’t come across in the SLIGHTEST that they’re making fun of him because he’s gay. First of all we’re only presuming he’s gay coz he’s effeminate (doesn’t take Jessica Fletcher, though, right?!), but moreover all they say is that he’s a bit of a ‘lady’. You don’t need to be gay to be a ‘lady’.
    And they do say they love him after all so, you know…
    Oh and anyway, it would be a bit silly of me-me-me to take the piss out of someone coz they’re gay, considering it’s written by gays…

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  5. Er, if they’re taking the piss out of anyone, it’s the stupid girls who want to breath the same air as Kate Moss….

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