This is Britain’s talent apparently…

Shame about the appendix scarSo Britain’s Got Talent – showcase for persons with little-to-no talent who have somehow managed to wangle a British passport – is back to rape our screens and eyeballs this weekend and we have managed to sneak a peek and cop a feel of what people who have nothing better to do of a Saturday eve should expect from the series.

*hits snooze*

*wakes up ten minutes later*

It ain’t pretty…
Abba’s Björn lets it all hang out…

Put it away, love

Dita Von Teese proving fat people can be supple too…

'We're going to need a mop'

Introducing Peaches Geldof and the Partying Potatoes™…

'Look at the chin on that!'

It’s the sincerity that gets you right there *mimes puking action*…

Hold that thought

And Baby Cheeses help us, it’s Paul Potts Pol Pot juniour…


Thoughts, etc?

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3 comments to “This is Britain’s talent apparently…”

  1. Oh dear god. Thank god this Saturday night you’ll be finding me down XXL. Yes, ladies and gentlemen… London’s glittering XXL. And I’m planning on XX-ing all over the place, then L-ing just to be polite.

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  2. How come Ms. Fat Stuff up there is allowed to have her tits out on a family show?

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  3. I’d rather watch another programme about Jade, or maybe police chasing chavs in cars, there’s not nearly enough of them on.

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