New video by Eminemineminem *do-do-be-do-do* Eminemineminem *do-do-be-do-do*

DirtySo Eminem is back. He went away apparently and now he has returned. He claims it’s down to popular demand, but we suspect it’s because the money ran out. Once they get a whiff o’ gash mash cash, trailer trash wives just want more, more, more.

Good job Eminem’s unique brand of homophobic horseplay makes him a lot of moolah then. And his new single ‘We Made You’ will undoubtedly do just that. Ridiculing the lesbiatronics of Lilo and Samantha Ronson and Ellen Degenerate and wifey Portia de Rossi, not to mention Sarah Palin and Amy Winehouse. The ‘song’ isn’t up to much but we must admit we had a giggle at slutty Palin.

Straddle the jump a la Cher on a canon to see stills and watch the video.

Slutty Palin


Ellen and Portia


Lilo and Ronson


Embedding has been stupidly disabled so to viddy the viddy, you’ll have to click here. Well done.

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  1. Is that him dressed up as Palin?

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