Telly box tottyness…

*phew*We’re not sure whether it’s the post break-up horn, or the general horn, but of late we’ve been finding tea-time and Haribo-time telly box viewing a most excitable affair.

Last eve, sitting in between a Siamese cat and a hot chocolate we witnessed the fresh and corruptible body of young Todd Taylor, Whitney’s new non-daddy squeeze in EastEnders. And no sooner had we guiltily dealt with that little problem, eaten tea and done the Chit Chat crossword (come on, it was a comedown Tuesday after all) than Shameless came on, promising scenes of a sexual nature. That’s right. Scenes. Sexual. Nature. And we know it’s Mickey that’s been enjoying the bum love of late, but anybody for a Carl? *has a funny tingle* Yes, please.

Pictorials over the jump…

Little, or not so little, Carl…

J'adore a chav

and brother of gay, Ian. He is of the ginger variety…

Brotherly lurve

Ian’s ex-bum buddy, Mickey…

Mickey, back by popular demand and over on aunty Beeb, our little cockerney sparra in EastEnder benders…

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4 comments to “Telly box tottyness…”

  1. I’ve been known to have a shameless Shameless *groan* wank in my time. And Carl is one of my favourite subjects. He has a twin, you know. He’s in Emmerdale, which isn’t nearly as saucy. Boo.

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  2. Oh no, much prefer Mickey.

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  3. I too noticed the six pack on the young Easties boy.

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  4. Carl is a hotty…why haven’t you got his butt pic here? But Mickey does it for me big time!

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