The London Lesbian and Gay Film Fest FINALLY steams up. On its last day!

Get off me!

It’s not been a good year at the old London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. No, sir!

From Dolls, the dire opening film – something old and a bit lezzie from the Czech Republic, where the only gay character was a self-harmer prone to jumping out of moving vehicles – to the only really exciting thing in the whole two-weeker: the sequel to John Hurt’s brilliant Quentin Crisp-er, The Naked Civil Servant, called An Englishman in New York, co-starring Cynthia Nixon off-of Sex and the City – it’s been a very mixed bag. And not often in a good way.

As they prepare to close the doors at London’s glittering Southbank, this lunchtime sees your last (and only?) chance to see something truly racy: a collection of short films (wouldn’t usually have them in the house!) covering voyeurism, masturbation, and general boy-centric filth called Investigating Desire.

Films like My Cock is a Dildo and Allen Ginsberg Gives Great Head kind of set the tone. But get your slippers off quick! It starts at 1.40 at the rather lovely NFT1, with its bouncy seats, and they always keep a few tickets for late-comers.

Be one of those late-comers!

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  1. That Dolls film was on at the East London Film Festival last year or the year before so it’s not even new.

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