Would you, though?


Yes. Either/or, to be honest. We particularly like how they’ve got matching tans. Like, to the letter. Which is no easy feat, let us tell thee. The things we don’t like, however, include:

– Gary Lineker’s to-the-knee shorts. That’s no fun for anyone.

– (Segue: We know someone who has a face like a knee. It’s true. He sometimes earns money from it.)

– The female lady to the left, who goes by the name of Gary Lineker’s Girlfriend. (It’s working, incidentally. She’s in the new series of Hell’s Kitchen.) Gold watch on the beach? What is this, Dubai?

– They’re in Dubai.

– The Daily Mail’s headline, ‘Life’s A Beach’. Oh. Fucking. Dear.

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2 comments to “Would you, though?”

  1. Can me-me-me find a picture of Gary’s brother and his son, who work in Ibiza? Now THEY are FIT.

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  2. Depends on how well hung he is.

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