See this bottom? Daniel Craig’s going to bum it.

Let's hope he douched...

(In fact, not being entirely privy to Daniel’s schedule, he may be bumming it as we speak.)

So that tasty little number being eaten out by Aidan Gillen in the opening episode of the cheeeenius Queer As Folk – which, in one fell swoop, over-populated Manchesterford’s Canal Street with fat girls from indescribable places in Lanchashire, in whatever the pre-cursor to Ugg boots was (ie. anything to hide a cankle but in fact just makes quite the feature of it), who flocked in their herds in the hope of touching a real-life gay – belongs to Charlie Hunnam.

Charlie Hunnam is playing Antinous, the lover of Roman emperor Hadrian in the film adaptation of Marguerite Yourcenar’s Memoirs of Hadrian. Daniel Craig’s playing Hadrian. Put hottie and hotter together and what do you get? Bumming.

Aren’t your panties just twitching at the thought? (If you’re feeling brave, you could replace ‘panties’ with ‘anus’. No one’s stopping you. Though Amazon may just try.)

And in celebration of what will be our new favourite film of, er, soon, let’s look at pictures of Charlie Hunnam in various guises of nude. They’re N particularly SFW.

Oh hello. Shaggy. Top or bottom? Post coital. Kissy kissy.






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4 comments to “See this bottom? Daniel Craig’s going to bum it.”

  1. Well I never. I did actually. Just the once.

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  2. Well I did. Yesterday and this morning before work.

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  3. Wait? Can’t.

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  4. I would love to see Daniel Craig in this film, and I know hes been rumoured, but is there any confromation on this? IMDB doesn’t have Memoirs of Hadrians cast list up.

    I hope its true!

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