Fag Hag Diary

Crash, bang, wallop, what a picture! 


There’s nothing the Fag Hag loves more than a rummage through a dusty old box of a weekend.

Oh hush your mouths you old Frankie in Prisoner lovers! The rummaging of which I speak concerns old photos taken in Fag Hag’s youth, when Queen Mary was still a hot young thing and ladies performed fellatio whilst wearing bonnets.

It was Fag Hag mum who had pulled out this box of photographic treats – and who provided a running commentary throughout. ‘Do you remember taking this, darling? It’s me wearing the gold hotpants belonging to your godfather’s young rentboy’ was one comment.

‘Do you remember him darling? He was your grandmother’s male stripper lodger,’ was another. But perhaps my favourite of all was, ‘Do you remember that evening darling? We went to Madame Jo Jo’s with Su Pollard when she was married to your uncle John’s ex boyfriend…’

It’s moments like that when I realize underneath it all, we’re just the same as any other family.  

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  1. I’m mightily impressed you were related to Su Pollard in whatever way shape or form!

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