Now that’s what we call handy shelving…

Is that my torch are is my shelf just pleased to see me?

A place for everything, and everything in its place. Though dusting does become a bit of a bugger (there’s a joke in there if you need it).

No, silly, it’s art. Years after Allen Jones, the pop artist, got into trouble for doing tables and chairs that looked like women (and after Dennis Nilsen got into even more trouble for killing young gays and propping them round the house), e-thpanish artist David Blazquez has created a whole range of handy furniture made out of (presumably live) naked gents. Tables, stools, beds, baths… enough to kit out a starter home. All made of boys! Now, how handy is that?

They’re on at an exhibition in Seville (the bottom bit of Spain, very nice) and you can see the table and TV/video unit over the jump (along with a link to even more!)…

Pass the salt. On second thoughts... Turn over the TV. Get it?

See more o’the same here.

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  1. whats a good man shelver without a penis BOO! THAT SUCKS

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