This is the reason we powered through our spinning class this morning…


This is the latest ‘boys in pants’ shoot as featured in Fantasticsmag and as lovely as it is we were just wondering over a tart raspberry fresh from the punnett how exactly one shoot with a perfect recipe of hotties and undies can have such a dull outcome? Not even the black and white saves it. Hot boys? Under garments? Front- and back-bottoms galore. How could one go wrong? Onto the under garments in question, some of which are utterly unforgivable. The concept of high waisted and baggy doesn’t bode well for a sexy panty – even in a high fashion, arty way. Some look more like something from Ulrika Jonsson’s ‘special’ knicker drawer, or those knitted swim suits of the 1950s. A saggy crotch is never something to be encouraged.

But let’s not be too down on these little scamps who’ve bared nearly-all for the titillation of men-folk everywhere. We felt a downstairs twinge on more than one occasion, so jump the jump for more pictures.

Off! Off! Off! Why so sad? Oh you big tease

Thankings Fantasticsmag.

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