We’ve got a favourite record of the summer already. And it’s only April!

She's SO-lange!

Yes, it’s Solange. Yes, we’re crazy in love with her (get it? Crazy in love? Her being Beyonce’s sister and everything? Oh, come on! Work with us!) And yes, after ‘I Decided’ and ‘Sandcastle Disco’ her new single ‘T.O.N.Y’ (nothing about gays meeting to give each other awards for appearing in Broadway shows) is hitting all the right buttons with us.

But what is that pesky sample in there? It’s driving us NUTS. See this snatch from the video *snatch. snigger* (though why it’s so short and out of sync Santa only knows), where she is channelling Diana Ross IS Mahogany and even sits on a toilet. With the seat up!

Over the jump… You’ll j’adore.

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