You know what huge sports fans we are…

What a winner!

We just can’t get enough of the stuff. Lap it up we do. Whether there’s balls or shuttlecocks, whatever, we’re there. Front row. Noses pressed up against the security fences. We’ve even been known to wangle our way backstage – sorry, into the changing room – just for, you know, autographs and stuff.

And here – while we actually look for interesting stories with content and everything (not like some sites who think running a few model pictures with something like ‘wow!’ next to them makes a site), here’s a few model pictures. Wow!

They are by one Rick Day. He hails from New York. He is a fashion photographer (with a penchant for boys’ bottoms if we’re not mistaken) and these shots feature in his new ‘book’ Players. Enjoy over the jump…

(NSFW? How could we possibly say? We don’t know where you work. Cheeeeze…)

Has he wet? Fresh air underwear Is it Ray Quinn?
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3 comments to “You know what huge sports fans we are…”

  1. looks just like me actually. though of course i’d need a much bigger trophy to ‘conceal’ myself.

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  2. “Front row. Noses pressed up against the security fences.” Naughty MMM, what with it being the 20th anniversary of Hillsborough and everything!

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  3. eh all this guys with huge pecks and what not with BIG STUFF AROUND THEIR PRIVATES but end up tiny tiny penis blah…

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