Love a shoulder…

Need some help with that?

There we were, eating a banana (fair-to-middlin’ ripe; few speckles of brown; no custard, sadly), when all of a sudden we caught site of the sort of arm that we’d like to pick us up out of a pool of our own vomit of an evening. Let’s say Friday.

It’s Eric Bana’s arm.

‘Bana’ is the first two syllables of banana.

Eric Bana is in the new Star Trek film.

He’s also on the cover of the new Details tome, owing to the latter.


Is it at this point we say we’re having dinner with Eric Bana this weekend? Is it? Er, this isn’t Facebook so, no… we’ll keep it to ourselves.

And that, ladies and gentlemen and undecided, is an example of a story made out of nothing.


Oh go on, more pics of Eric Bana. Jesus, you’ll be wanting the left shoulder next…

How very Brokeback. Here's hoping... Wider please...
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4 comments to “Love a shoulder…”

  1. IN. A. HEART. BEAT.

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  2. Nice boots.

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  3. find lots of those in TX blah…

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  4. He’s just covered in tats in the new Star Trek film – but you can’t miss those eyes.

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