ALL the single ladies…

Not a Derion jean in sight!

Last time we talked to Beyonce (bang, there goes another name dropping) she told us that the video for ‘Single Ladies’ came about mostly because she’d blown her entire video budget on the promo for ‘If I Was a Boy’ and so they had to knock something simple together. Cue Miss Tina, her mum/stylist, throwing together some fancy black leotards and months later it’s become one of the most famous videos, like, ever! We can only think of ‘Thriller’ that’s had such an effect on your regular Joe and Josephine and Josepe in the street.

And to mark the fact that Trident, of chewing gum fame, are getting Beyonce to do a free concert, one hundred – count them! – single ladies (obviously some of them might not be as single as all that; they may have been fingered at the pictures last night for all we know) turned up at London’s glittering Piccadilly Circus to re-enact that routine in front of Eros himself.

S’funny. See it over the jump…

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