Ooh, so we tried this…

Dirty protest

So we did the math and 6’1″-in-her-Marks’s tights Jodie Kidd minus the five-inch heels equals that bloke to her left actually being anything between 6′ and 6’2″ (maybe even 3″ if he’s doing the Alexander Technique) which is just fine-diddly-heiney with us. Which in conclusion means yes, good to go.

The other one may be perkier in the panties but we draw the line at primordial dwarfs, tanned or no.

Oh and if you’re wondering what our e-snappy headline is all about, St Tropez have brought out this new tan – called Aromaguard – which is basically their spray tan minus that familiar smell of biscuits. As road-tested on ourselves a few months back (we’re partial to a road-test. And we’re not afraid of colour. And they flattered us with terms like ‘taste-making’ and ‘gay’) in closely guarded laboratory conditions, followed by a quiz. It was a fun day out for all the family.

Sidebar: Someone in the orifice just looked over our shoulder and quipped, ‘Who’s the drag queen?’

The end.

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2 comments to “Ooh, so we tried this…”

  1. nasty wrinkly pannies. Take’m-orf AT ONCE.

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  2. Don’t be mean, MMM. The little one deserves lots of love and attention.

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