*punches heart, lightly*

Nice pole.

It’s St George’s Day. Hooray andcetera.

St George, who he? The Christian saint who slew dragons, who else? (Them Chrissies always did have a slender grasp on reality). He’s the patron saint of Eng-er-land. Oh, and Catalonia. And Turkey. And some other people. Not very national then. He didn’t even come to this country, if you want it straight. And his sainthood was conferred because he killed a lot of people who didn’t believe in Our Lord the Baby Jesus. Nice people!

So we propose, can we keep the same day – April 23rd – ’cause it’s handy and it’s the day before Barbra Streisand’s birthday, and keep it as England’s national day of pride and glory and pomp and circumstance but change the name and vibe.

As it’s the day on which that clever Mr. Shakespeare was born – and died :0( – perhaps it could be Shakespeare Day, a moment when we could all pause to reflect on how superior we are based on the works of someone who 95% of the population wouldn’t be able to read even if they wanted to.

Oh, and could we have a day off? Just to wrap pressies for Babs?

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3 comments to “*punches heart, lightly*”

  1. I don’t believe in saints or dragons but I do believe in ENGLAND. Happy Saint George’s Day! [*does a bit of booty-shake dancing whilst singing a moo-ing garage version of RULE BRITANNIA*]

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  2. Did you see David Starkey on Question Time last night? His response to whether we should celebrate St George’s Day more? ‘No, we’re not one of those small pathetic nations that clings to those sorts of things. Like Scotland.’
    Apart from that, he was a horrible Tory wanker.

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  3. It’s April 24th and I am hoping we’ll get a song of the day for Miss Barbra Brolin’s Birthday!

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