Dress your age, not your European shoe size

*stabs screen*

That’s all we wanted to say really. Oh and bleurgh. Yuck. Hate. Miley Cyrus. Sixteen-year-old cunt. And yes, you can be a cunt by the time you’re 16. In fact we can categorically say, without a Shadow-from-Gladiators of a doubt that she was a cunt at the age of 15, for that is how old she was when we attempted to interview her. Spoiled and bratty, with all the charm of a tumour – you know, one of those really advanced ones that is all hair and teeth.


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2 comments to “Dress your age, not your European shoe size”

  1. Good legs, mind

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  2. It’s because she’s like a virgin that is why she is so good looking and stuff and has long legs and designer dresses. At 18 I hope she does a movie with her hot daddy called Achy Breaky Hymen. Incest is the new Disney.

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