We’re going to need considerably bigger Baftas…


So apart from far too much panning over to Jonathan Ross as if he’s some sort of worthiness gauge and putting Ant ‘n’ Dec on the front row as if they’re worthy, last night’s telly Baftas was a romp from start to money shot. And what a money shot – our j’adored Dawn and Jenny getting a Lifetime Achievement Wotsit, presented by none other than Sir Dame Helen Mirren. It was excitement with a capital wet-wee, and only made the more thrilling by Dawn’s never knowingly not expanding tits, which could bridge the Atlantic.

Watch their genius acceptance speech over Lady McJump, including a randomised smattering of French and Saunders genius-ness-ness-ness. We thankings thee. *bows*

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  1. *claps until hands fall off*

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  2. the Cher is genius.

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