And we thought David Beckham’s tattoos were silly

Erm, not with you it isn'tForgive us Daddy for it has been a slow old morn for news and we’ve resorted to this piece on a piece about dumbarse tattoos. For why? Well, some of it did make us giggle and also reminded of that boy we once ran away from, literally, because he had an utterly ridiculous Ren and Stimpy tattoo in an utterly ridiculous place. He said he was stoned at the time ink went to skin. Hmm, quite the catch.

The tattoos in question have been handily compiled in a book called No Regrets: The Best, Worst, & Most #$%*ing Ridiculous Tattoos Ever. We can only assume ‘#$%*ing’ is ‘fucking’ in Amazon-style ‘family friendly’ speak. The book is in fact available on Amazon, but we won’t be including a link until they stop their daftness.

Jump la jumpette for more examples of aforementioned tats on twats.

Patrick Swayze. We weren’t aware chemo could have this affect on people…

Are you feeling ok?

We’re assuming this is a British man on his annual two weeks in Lanzagrotty…

We couldn't have put it better ourselves

Someone obviously has a penchant for fat builder types…

Oh it's Britney!
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4 comments to “And we thought David Beckham’s tattoos were silly”

  1. I wonder where the Britney one is.

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  2. ‘Its Time To Party’ needs an apostrophed ‘it’s’ and I wonder, is that pre or post cancer stricken Swayze?

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  3. None of those are as good as the ‘Get Cunted’ one I saw scrawled across some bloke’s back at a festival. Now that’s classy.

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  4. Oooh, don’t mock – eons ago the swarthy postman persuaded me to have ‘this way up’ tattooed on my tuppence – although it does come in handy from time to time

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