Pretty things from The Imperial War Museum…

Yay for DIY veg!Travelling on the tube train to our destination on this somewhat un-fine-with-a-y day we noticed – in between our daily crotch watch, you understand – this dolly bit of advice.

Said advert is one of a few war time posters being reprinted around London’s glittering Underground c/o The Imperial War Museum. The different posters offer different words of wisdom on how to deal with different problems we face in these Credit Crunchie times. Taken from the 1940s, which we heart – the dashing mens, the drop a dress size rations and the… erm… did we say dashing mens already? – you can see some of our other favourites over the you-know-what.
My Little Pony Yes, where the hell is that moth? Since going bakrupt, Kerry Katona needs all the help she can get

You can catch these and another luvverly bunch of coconuts at The Imperial War Museum now. Plus, their fantabulosa Make Do and Mend book is available in the shop now. Yay!

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  1. Aww, horsey :)

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  2. Love them but that grow your own vegetables thing is being headed up by the vile Rosie Boycott under the aegis of the cunt we call a mayor. He might as well put out a poster saying ‘let them eat cake’.

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