Gratuitous Prince Harry-ness

Having fun?Ooh, ooh, except it’s not all just of a gratuitous nature since there is a story attached. Something about Prince Harry off-of ginge going to Americaland on his first Royal visit proper-like. He’ll be engaging on orificcial business and playing in a charitable polo match – which is where our interest ends *eyes glaze over*.

Now for the gratuitous partial nudity – some of which is all grainy and pixelated. *cue fanny tingle* So naughty.

Two syllables... Rhymes with 'rugger'. Just lie back and think of England 'Diego... Sweaty' Lose the gap year jewellery and we'll talk

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2 comments to “Gratuitous Prince Harry-ness”

  1. Enjoying the Royal tanline in pic 3.

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  2. Pic 3 is also my favourite. Spooky.

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