Who do you think this is supposed to be?


Is it perhaps that lady who won a million pounds on that show about winning a million pounds? Or is it Audrey Roberts off-of Corrie with a Susan Boyle-style makeover?

Nup, it’s what Joan Collins, that arbiter of how not to look like an over-boiled trout, would do to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall *bobs curtsey*

Yes, Joanie, who won’t go anywhere without wiggery and jiggery and pokery hath claimed that though she finds Cammy to be ‘attractive, charming and amusing’ (what’s that thing about damning with faint praise? ‘Amusing’?), she thinks she is looking ‘a little matronly of late’.

What, a woman of 61 looking matronly! Whatever next? Prince Philip looking a bit old? Lenny Henry looking a bit tan? Stephen Hawkings a bit close to the ground?

What next? The Queen in skinny jeans and Ugg boots? Or maybe those American Apparel wet-look leggins?


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One comment to “Who do you think this is supposed to be?”

  1. She is amusing isn’t she. How about this Camilla clone in her 80’s dynasty outfit having a dynasty style catfight with a Diana clone. I picture it in a stable with a half dressed stable boy looking on. Stable boy, riding crop and riding boots only….white wee.

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