Gash for cash…

Bit o’ leg, lot o' vag

Forget the vag shots of front-bottom-obsessed Madonna, Lady GaGaGarden and Ann Widdecombe (she’s famed for it you know) and say hello – *hello* – to everybody’s new favourite crotchetier, Claudia Schiffer, as seen in V magoizine’s swimwear edition.

We heart a model of a super nature and lucky for us – and V magoiz readers/flicker-offers – plenty of other model lady types have been shot by Mario Testino for withinside and withoutside of the zine… there are several covers to choose from, you see. It’s like ANTM all over again. By the by, Britain’s Next Top Model, anyone? No didn’t think so. Trouts being judged by trouts, and then there’s Lisa Snowdon off-of Who? Bah!

Anyway, who would like to see Naomi Campbell’s verszh of the cover? Oh, well it’s over the jump regardless.

Bunny boiler


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  1. Oooh, nasty gash.

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