What all the smart people will be pretending to read on the beaches of the world this summer

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Never mind swimwear, if you’re looking for something eye-catching for the beach this summer you could do a whole lot worse than Michael Arditti’s The Enemy of the Good. Which is a *does the mime from charades* Yes, a book.

With a pot-boiling plot about a family in meltdown and a storyline about how big Jesus’s knob is, it races along but – unlike books with brightly coloured covers – is clever into the bargain. And not even in a boring way. So you might, in between bulge-watching by the pool, you know, actually read it!

With a big-up by one of our favourites, Philip Pullman, he of His Dark Materials fame, it has one last selling-point: there is lots of white space on the cover for phone numbers.

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