Jeeesh, we almost forgot… it’s Dame Joanna Lumley’s birthday! Yey! Hooray!

Dame Joanna Lumley

Oh, Dame Joanna Lumley, how we j’adore thee. *pause* There aren’t enough letters in the alphabet or words in the English language or theatrical gestures a gay can make to express just how much… Although we’ve put the bunting out, laid on a thrilling buffet, raided our hip-flasks and let off a few poppers (both kinds) by way of a mini-celebration.

Side-bar: Did we ever tell you the time Dame Joanna Lumley called us up – out of the blue. Yes, out of the blue – ’cause she was bored in a Winnebago somewhere, and just wondered if we fancied a chat. ‘Darling, I was wondering if you fancied interviewing me?’ she said. We had to peel ourselves off the chair, wecantellyou… S’true. Did we tell you that? We’ll tell you again sometime soon, just to maintain the rhythm.

Backintotheroom… So Dame Joanna Lumley is 63 years young this year (don’t you just hate it when people say ‘years young’?), and it must be an extra-spesh celebration for quite possibly the nicest woman on earth, because them nice Ghurkas she’s been campaigning for for an awful long time have moved a corky-wedged step forward in finally being given passports to Her Maj’s Queendom. It’s a wonderful thing.


Now let’s look at a whole load of moving picture sequences featuring Dame Joanna Lumley.

*claps even more* 



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3 comments to “Jeeesh, we almost forgot… it’s Dame Joanna Lumley’s birthday! Yey! Hooray!”

  1. Oh, happy birthday ma’am.

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  2. I love you, Miss Lumley!

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  3. I adore her. Kisses xx

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