We’d probably even let the other one watch…

Top or bottom?


In probably the only shot that exists of him minus kilt and with top on (on. ON!) since coming second place to Clare from Steps in the coveted Weight Watchers Magazine ‘Slimmer of the Year’ in, ooh, you know, recently, Marc Jacobs is seen accompanied by Kate Moss at London’s glittering Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala in New York City.

And whilst he’s loitering around the cut off point for us in the height department, we can’t help but imagine the stubble rash (from the one on the left. Our left) and whether ou non those Claire’s Accessories earrings would catch the light from our Diptyque (Chene) candle during highly appropriate clenches. Or ‘bumming’.

*holds thought; muses; moves on*

Do you want to know who else was there? Do you? There were lots. Our highly skilled edited choice consists of Madonna in Louis Vuitton (natch) and a wayward scrunchie, Twiggy in a Burberry tux (yey!) alongside Agyness Deyn (still waiting for an explanation on that one) looking like a drag queen (yey!), and Tranny Banks in signature ‘there’s a rod up my arse, dear Liza dear Liza; there might even be movement’ pose. It’s all very exciting…

Oh. Get off me. Oh, Tranny...

There’s more where this lot came from, here. Cheersthanksalot.


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3 comments to “We’d probably even let the other one watch…”

  1. Hahahahahaha, Tranny.
    Kate Moss looks freakin’ hot!

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  2. If I were Twiggy I would shake that drag queen off me. How rude to lean on a modelling legend like that? She’s not a ruddy post!

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  3. Ew, marc jacobs. I wouldn’t. I know where it’s been.

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