As you begin your bikini diet…

Eat shit and die!

We have found a new website/obsession which is helping us shed the last pesky pounds (all 50 of them – we jest: we’re as lean as a cuisine) before a much needed/deserved holiday of beach, booze and bumming.

It’s called Sugar Stacks and it basically – very basically – simply stacks up sugar cubes next to what are usually referred to as ‘your favourite snacks’ just to show in a very graphic way how crammed with the white stuff they are.

Take a can of Coke (we won’t, if you don’t mind): 10 whole sugar cubes! But that’s nothing next to a regular McDonald’s Chocolate Shake which has the equivalent of – wait for it – 28 lumps of sugar in it! We really did need that exclamation mark. Imagine a cup of tea or coffee or ‘your favourite beverage’ with 28 lumps of sugar in it!

Click here and marvel until your boss asks,  in that very annoying way he/she/undecided has, ‘Are you going to get ANY work done today?’

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