Who lives dot-dot-dot in a homo like this? Clue: Leona Lewis.

Me hair's wet. Ou est the Frizz Ease?

Open brackets that typo up there was intentional. Any excuse close brackets

So this is the gaff Leona Lewis is renting in the Hollywood Hills whilst recording her new album over there.

It’s worth £1.5million, but she’s only renting. £7,000 a month. It’s in stark contrast to her ‘modest’ flat in London’s not-so-glittering Hackney, which is worth, you know, money, but not as much. Who knew that could ever happen?

Do you like how straight down the line we reported that? There’s this dull thumping thing going on in our head and it’s making us do funny things. What did you say? Oh.

So, splish-splash, she’s taking a bath in that pool after a night on yards of ale and crystal meth. Maybe. Probably not.

See, told you something funny was going on.

*Ooh, crunch biscuit*

And after the break sponsored by KitKat, you’ll find not only a bird’s-eye view of Leona Lewis’s new Los Angerlese gaff, but a frontal view of her slightly ropey looking flat in Hackney. Talking of Hackney… No, that’s it.

Nice palm. Period bay window, we see.



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  1. Quite modest, I would have said. My sister’s villa in Alicante is more impressive than that.

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