Nought better to do of a day slash eve until 4th July? Then enjoy some Guy Bourdin in London’s glittering East End…

Nice off-cuts, loveYou know Guy Bourdin *thanks the Baby Cheeses for Wikipedia* the fash slash ad photographer, who clicked himself some pretty pictures throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s until he was pronounced deaded in 1991. Boo and/or hoo. But cry not, because The Wapping Project is showing some of his previously un-exhibited (cynics read ‘previously considered too shit to show’) work. When we say ‘some’ we mean 32 whole pieces – a coupla which can be seen over the Joey jump. Yay and/or hooray.

Bit o' leg What did we tell you about mixing grain and grape?

Get your heiney holes over to for more information, albeit sparring and difficult to navigate. Tis pretty and that’s all that matters. *draws smiley*

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