Och aye and other obligatory Scottish noises…

Better in a kilt, but we'll forgive...

How is it that Ewan – pronounced Ee. Wan. That’s ‘Ee’ as in white wee. ‘Wan’ as in wank – looks younger and hotter now than he has for ions? Could it be that the grizzle beard was weighing his poor pale Scottish ginger features down before? Or perhaps that mole was to blame. You know, the one he had removed around the same time as SJP had hers hoiked off. Hmm, what would happen if those moles off-of famouses met in a petri-dish? This perhaps.

Anyway, while Channel Five commissions Extraordinary People with Extraordinary Moles, let the rest of us enjoy Ewan McGregor’s penis.

Somebody drawed on you...

Phew, some cock at last. We nearly went a whole day without one.

*eats a Curly Wurly*

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3 comments to “Och aye and other obligatory Scottish noises…”

  1. Does a ginger cock count?

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  2. Mmm, meaty.

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  3. Ewan, do me a favour and throw it up me, there’s a love. I want your Bobby in my mouth ( a little Scottish term for you there. a Bobby, is Scottish slang for cock.)

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