‘I am totally fucked up!’

Fisticuffs and baked beans are so last yearYes Janice Dickinson off-of first supermodel ever in the history of all things super and modelly, yes you are. And this is why we j’adore you harder than Myleene Klass j’adores her own reflection. See your reflection in that very deep, very dirty lake, Myleene? No? Well lean forward a bit. Further… further. Oops! *watches Myleene do a Natalie Wood, lights Hamlet cigar, enjoys*

Anyway, back to more important things like a video of Janice Dickinson proclaiming her fucked uppedness. Having attended some bashette in Nobu, the wonderful Dick. In. Son. started swotting paparazzi with her shawl dramarama stylee, screeching in her Iggy Pop rasp ‘You guys are insects!’ She then staggered about a bit, threatened to fuck one of them up before announcing that she was utterly utterly fucked. Hooray *claps*.

Watch the swish-swishing of shawls and hear the emptying of potty mouths over the jump.

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  1. Genius! Love. Her.

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