Boys do make passes at boys who wear glasses…

Do they make me look smart? 


See him? *points* Do you like his glasses? We do. We’ve decided we have a thing for glasses. We decided we had a thing for glasses quite a while back, almost exactly at the precise moment the man in the big white coat and kindly bedside manner touched us inappropriately told us we would need spectacles or else we’d start walking into the street in a non-safe manner, a la stupid person.

And as fate would have it, we’re in a bit of a glasses pickle, both spectacle- and sun-related. Firstly, we lost our nice RayBan Aviators (we’ve had ’em for years. Like, years. So none of your tutting) when they flew off our head on a particularly nasty bump whilst on safari in SAfrica a couple of months ago. Some monkey’s wearing ’em as we speak, the bitch. Secondly, our glasses-in-order-to-see-things are getting a bit wonky. Cute wonky, f’sure, but wonky all the same. A very clever friend of ours – who is currently out of work – did something magical over the gas hob that bent them back into shape, but then like a well oiled cervical coil they sprung back into mis-shape within days. Hours even, hours.

So the pickle is thus – do we fork out real-life money in order to buy new glasses, both off-of spectacle and sun? Or do we send a nice email to a nice PR and say we’ll write nice things about their produce in return for a 20-minute supermarket-sweep-style dash round Cutler and Gross.

Who can say?

Whilst you’re thinking about that and taking notes, let’s look at more pictures of topless men wearing glasses. You’ll be glad you did.

*creeps up behind; nicks glasses; runs*

Is that a tie round your waist, or are you just happy to see us? Honey, we think there's... something wrong... with your... glasses... *pinches nipple; runs*

From our dearest dolly pals down Fantastics. Thankings.


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3 comments to “Boys do make passes at boys who wear glasses…”

  1. Hmmm, is it the glasses or the immaculate pecs and abs that maketh this man?

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  2. the glasses… for sure.

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  3. your hot

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