Bridget Jones set to stomp and sing in BJ: The Musical

Put it out, love

If you thought musicals couldn’t get any better than Sister Act, erm, then wet-wee yourself at the news that the latest book-to-film-to-musical adaptation comes in the fleshy form of Bridget Jones.

Last night somewhere in me-me-me’s glittering London (the Ivy Club, to be precise, which we find divine in a low-key kind of way. We recommend the mixed herb salad) saw a reading for the roles and – ooh, ooh, get this – Dolly Billy Elliot director Stephen Daldry and choreographer Peter Darling were in the audience, and Harry Enfield and Victoria Wood read. What could that all mean? *consults Mystic Meg who wheezes something inaudible before tapping out ‘kill me’ in Morse code*

Don’t get too excited too soon. It’s not going to open until 2011 – lazy bastards – but still, it’s good to know these things in advance. *Makes a note in five year diary*


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  1. *makes note to self* EXCITED!
    (That was too easy)

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