Look who’s coming to London!

Dolly Golightly!

No, not Audrey Hepburn, for she is deader than your average doornail. It’s Holly (aka Dolly) Golightly, off-of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, who is coming to do her long-cigarette-holder thing on a London stage near you – if you live in/travel to London’s glittering theatreland, that is.

And even more excitement… Anna Friel will be Holly. Yes! She off of Brookside and Pushing Daisies – whom we love and hardcore – is to play Dolly herself in a new production directed by Serena McKellern’s old other half, Lady Sean Matthias.

‘Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s has always been one of my favourite novels and I am delighted to have been given both the opportunity to play one of my all-time favourite heroines, Holly Golightly, and to be returning home to the London stage,’ sayeth La Friel.

*cheers go up, spontaneous dancing breaks out in London town, just as it used to do in the 19th Century – ’tis true, we is reading a book about it*

The man in it is Dick Pabich, who you might remember from Milk and the whole thing starts at Theatre Royal Haymarket on 9th September and stretches right out over Christmas.

Go here for more and for tickets. And see what Anna looks like as Holly over the jump…

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3 comments to “Look who’s coming to London!”

  1. This is of course very exciting, but what happened to the earlier story about Jonathan Ross? Has it been taken down for a reason? Did the BBC not like it? I am perplexed, to be sure.

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  2. Maybe Jonathan Ross threatened to sue….??!!
    Oooh, fancy that.
    And ooh, fancy the irony of that.

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  3. I think you mean Joseph Cross is in B@T not Dick Pabich (who is sadly deceased and who was played by Joseph in” Milk”).

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