Nice T-shirt, shame about the details

My name is Dita and I'll be your mistress tonight

Fresh from her Eurovision duties writhing around in bra and panties for the German entry (didn’t do him much good, btw), Dita Von Teese, famous, erm, person in underwear helps launch H&M’s Fashion Against AIDS T-shirt range. She helped design this and uses it for ‘working out’, apparently.

Other famouses supporting – and designing – for the campaign are Cyndi Lauper, Robyn and Katy Perry (see them all over the jump) but can we just pull Ms. Robyn up on something that is often said about not exposing oneself to HIV… She says in the video that goes with the campaign (we’ll pop it on over the jump) that you should use a condom until you get to know someone… In fact, you can know someone inside and out (quite literally!) and not know their status.

Most HIV positives in London don’t even know their own status, so it’s a bit les liaisons dangereuses to suggest that once you’ve got to know someone’s favourite movie, first kiss and what their cock smells like you can dispense with the old condoms. You can’t. Just use a condom at all times, for health and hygiene. That’s what we say.

She just wants to have fun, apparently. You don't know me Yes, it's a leotard
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  1. I’m using one right now.

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  2. Well done Pilar and well done me-me-me. Hearing you loud and queer.

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