Putting the ‘homo’ back into Holmes! But there is no ‘homo’ in Holmes. There is now!

The key to his freedom lies under the cushion, apparently

This is how we like Robert Downey Jr.: naked, bound and speaking in a cut-glass English accent. It’s the trailer for Sherlock Holmes, which, despite being directed by Guy Richie, we can’t wait for.

Dr. Watson-ing for Sherlock is Dame Judi Law, while one of our favourite roughs, Mark Strong (who we choose to believe is gay on absolutely no evidence whatsoever) is playing a *checks production notes* erm, rough.

And we do like Dr. Watson and Sherry Holmes bickering about domestic arrangements. So not unlike a flat-share uncomfortably near us.

See the trail over the jump. We especially like the line: ‘Mr. Holmes, you must widen your gays…’

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2 comments to “Putting the ‘homo’ back into Holmes! But there is no ‘homo’ in Holmes. There is now!”

  1. More homo-erotic subtext than an invitation from an Irish priest asking your nephew to tea.

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  2. I’d happily be sandwiched betwixt Dame Judi Law, Harry Connick June, and Mark ‘bet he is!’ Strong. It wouldn’t be a traditional two-sided sandwich. It would be a homosexual sandwich.

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