Without You I’m Nothing. Still beautiful after 21 years.

Without you...

The idea of bringing a 21-year-old stand-up routine back to London’s glittering West End might seem a bit of a stretch. But leave it to Sandra Bernhard – our absolute role model – to crank it up, crank it out and leave the audience – even though we got told off for not responding to her constant Twittering through the show – gagging for it.

Yep, Without You I’m Nothing, the show that became a movie that became the script for our dinner parties, is back. And it’s as good as it’s ever been. ‘Me and Mrs. Jones’ done in the style of a big black mamma sitting around her motel room in bra and panties drinking complimentary Remy Martin is there; the straight man who discovers his gay side at a discoteque in the 80s when Sylvester appears and someone gives him a snort of poppers is there; the fantasy executive secretary routine set against a backdrop of Burt Bacharach records is there.

In fact it’s all there, tweezed, updated, licked into shape with some nice snipes at Madonna thrown in for good measure: the bit where Sandy overhears her at a Kaballah meeting telling David Banda that he must learn to share is high-larious. Oh, and the audience was studded with celebs, some of whom heckled (‘Keep it down, Belinda Carlisle!’)

Go. You’d be mad not to. It’s on at the Leicester Square Theatre and you can buy tickets by clicking here. Now, how handy is that? Now jump the jump to see Sandy singing to Boy George. Brings a tear of real water to the eye, it does.

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2 comments to “Without You I’m Nothing. Still beautiful after 21 years.”

  1. Oh my, I never saw that clip of Sandy and the Boy before… I’m weeping as we speak.

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  2. Saw it, lived it, loved it. Going again (and that’s someone who knows the whole freaking thing off by heart). I’m just hoping to catch her eye so she’ll let me backstage afterwards and fingerbang me.

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