Sade’s back! Or is she? Or is she not?

Her love is king...

Sade, she of ‘Your Love is King’ not 120 Days of Sodom (only clever people will get that joke: if you didn’t get it, sorry but you need to stay back a year), is coming out with a new album. Yay! Whoop! We can have sex on our parents’ sofa again just like we did when she actually looked like this!

But it’s not confirmed. And it’s only been nine years since the last one (which didn’t do too damn well in the U of K anyways), so let’s not rush anything. The reports are reportedly being reported on a website called Sade2009 (which is a bit like Jack 2001, only not as funny. Or musical), while Maxwell – remember him? The nu-soul singer with a penchant for Kate Bush and big afro-style hairs? – has reportedly reported that ‘Sade is on her way… and trust me, it’s so monolithic, it’ll shake you in your shoes!’

Monolithic? Sade? Does that mean we’ll have no ‘Smooth Operator’?

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2 comments to “Sade’s back! Or is she? Or is she not?”

  1. Groovy beans! And Sade is *50* this year, too …

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  2. ‘citing news indeed. This news makes me want to swim in a rooftop pool, to Sades’ By Your Side, a la Sam Jones in Sex and The City. While chowing down on Richards Wrights long, pink, amazing.

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