Word is out!

You go, girlfriend!

Not that he ever made much of a secret about it. Any excuse to get into bra and panties with a full face of slap and a set of false eyelashes that would put Dita Von Teese to shame (if she’s not already ashamed of being useless, that is), and Mr. Bunny would be there with all the make-up that MAC could make.

And what better time to make that public statement than during one of Hollywood’s rallies against the whole Proposition 8 thing where this addition to his Walk of Fame star was made.┬áIf Bugs Bunny were alive today, he’d be manning (or bunnying) the baricades with the best of them.

Check out how great Bugs looks in a contrasting bra and beach skirt set over the jump…

Owcha Magowcha
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  1. Spear & magic helmet …

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