A little lesson in the power of good packaging

Is she dead? Is it Kerry Katona? Is Kerry Katona dead?

First, the history bit. Without Madonna and her dancing and her charisma and chutzpa and general carrying on, that first album would have been a Stephanie Mills album. Produced by the same guy, it sounds like a Stephanie Mills album only without the vocals of one Miss Stephanie Mills.

Fast forward to today, and Lady Gaga is pulling off the same thing. What would have been a regular old Euro-disco-esque album by someone who was perhaps on at G-A-Y and everyone went to get a drink because she was ruining their buzz, has been elevated by her drama and weirdness to something people actually take, you know, seriously. It’s every lightweight artist’s dream.

Exhibit A: the new video to the single ‘Paparazzi’. Over the jump.

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